A love of books and drawing began from a very early age. Fairytales and Aesops Fables were a standard before bedtime in our house. My first wish from the tooth fairy was for a sketchbook and a packet of oil pastels. My wish was granted and so began a life of drawing, creating and dreaming.

I pursued my lifelong passion of drawing and illustrating upon leaving school to study Fine Art. During this time I explored the artistic mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture and intermedia. A passion for text and poetry surfaced as an interest area for research and creativity at this time. I have consistently been involved in art practice and have exhibited in many local, independent and group art exhibitions.

A love of children and their intuitive creativity led me to study Early Childhood Education. I am a registered teacher and have taught for many years in a variety of educational settings. I have worked as a community artist for a number of projects at the Queensland Art Gallery, Ipswich Art Gallery and Community Arts Organisations such as Hands on Art. The value of art and creative expression for community health and well-being then inspired study in the area of Experiential and Creative Art Therapy.

Books and Libraries have always been places of refuge, wonder and insight throughout the years. The power of words and the magic of imagery encouraged me to publish my first children’s picture book “Dream” in 2016.  My passion for drawing and my love of storytelling continues to inspire my creative journey.