Written & Illustrated by Sharon Clark

“Once there was a girl who dreamed…follow her on an adventure around the world visiting beautiful places, seeing fantastic sights and filling your senses with her wonderfully, imagined dreams. All before bedtime!”

“Dream” by Sharon Clark is available in hardcover and paperback at online bookstores and in selected bookshops.  You can also purchase via the following links:

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Illustrated by Sharon Clark

“Isabelle has lots of adventures, bike races, rescuing cats, catching frogs, visiting haunted houses, surprise parties, building tree-houses, snorkelling, horse riding and many more.”

“The Adventures of Isabelle Necessary” by Martii Maclean and illustrated by Sharon Clark is a delightful middle grade, chapter book for 7 to 12-year-olds.  Follow Isabelle and her friends as they have oodles of adventures in the seaside town of Saggy Beach. To purchase visit 



“Little Gnome” is available for sale from The Little Gnome Bookshop, Florence St. Wynnum. Little Gnome was the best selling picturebook in 2019 at The Little Gnome Bookshop. The bookshop was voted third favourite bookshop in Brisbane for 2019.


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