As an Artist, Teacher and Author I have enjoyed presenting workshops to children in a variety of settings for many years.

The visual arts provide valuable tools to explore learning across a broad range of subjects and curriculum areas. Through exploration, play and skill development children can experience a love of learning while fostering their individual interests. They can experiment and learn about materials, encouraging their creativity, problem-solving and design abilities. By engaging in the languages of the arts, children can develop their literacy skills and find avenues for self expression that in turn promote the development of a healthy self esteem.

As an Author and Illustrator, I love sharing my enthusiasm for the art of illustration and poetry in storytelling workshops.  Through the use of books, puppets, live illustration and hands-on activities,  I hope to encourage a love of literature, illustration and storytelling  to enable children to be confident and enjoy the processes of telling their own stories in pictures and words.

Literacy flows from the first marks we make as children. Words and images emerge from our earliest scribbles. The dance between pictures and words in books form our earliest reading experiences.


If you are looking for creative workshops to enhance your kindergarten or school program, I offer a range of workshops designed around the age, interests and curriculum needs of students.  Please feel free to email me via the contact page.

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